Numeric Software
"I don't do Windows."

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science (Scientific Applications) with nearly 30 years of experience computer programming and not a single application developed natively for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Applications built for Java are as close as I get to Windows. I have implemented real-time scientific applications using VAX/VMX, UNIX, Linux, NEXTSTEP and OS X operating systems.

Over the years, I have developed computer software for a variety of government and commercial applications. Some examples are:

Satellite Telemetry Processing and Analysis (Fortran, C)

Radar Data Processing and Analysis (Fortran)

Telephone Call Processing and Recording (C, Objective-C)

Telescope Command and Control (Java)

Slide/Substrate Arrayer Control and Processing (Java)

Apple iPhone/iPod touch Application Development (Objective-C)

Apple Mac OS X Application Development (Objective-C)

Research in Motion Blackberry Application Development (Java)